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Jageh: Three | Name that place

January 20, 2010 2 comments

The previous two places were posted at & The 1st one was a specific location in Mumbai and the 2nd one, the landmark India is most famous for – The Taj Mahal.

Coming to the 3rd place to be named:

Jageh: Three | Can you Name That Place
Image: From Google Maps

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Jageh: Two | Name that Place

January 21, 2009 3 comments

Going through the previous posts, I realised that the ‘jageh’ series did not continue. ~TimePass~ will try to keep this series live and active. However, this will be based on what sort of a response and interaction the ‘Jageh’ posts elicit and receive.

One of the first posts on this blog was Jageh: One. This would have been difficult to solve for the ‘aam’ non-mumbaikars since the location is pretty specific and not of general ‘knowledge’.

Anyhow, moving on:

Here is the next one:

Jageh: Two | Name that Place.

Image: from Google Maps


Jageh: One

July 16, 2007 4 comments

Are you ready? This will be one of the items for ‘Timepass’

This is an aerial view of a place in India. Many folks to whom the email with a link to this entry has been sent will probably know this and it might be quite easy. But let’s see how many of the ‘expected’ folks can answer. Please add your answer in the comments box below and add any other comment or thoughts on how you came to your answer.

So folks: Yeh kya jageh hai doston….



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