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Here, you can add a story, a joke, or anything interesting you have come across, which you would like to share with other ‘TimePass’ readers. Treat this as your central filing cabinet for all the FWDs that you come across and all the FWDs you send forward!

Most of the people in your email contacts that you send the FWDs to, should receive an email from ‘TimePass’ and the advantage here is that you, they and others can ‘comment’ and ‘discuss’ each entry. Much better than just merely sending FWDs by email, which in all probability end up in the Junk/Spam folders anyway, right?

You can recommend this feature to your friends, family and anyone you know who’s story is worthy of a publication.

You can submit the information below and it will be published under a relevant category, after review. Please keep the material submitted, on a ‘family worthy’ level!

If you are submitting any interesting news items or feature please provide a weblink with your story or anything that verifies your information. You can still submit the stories if you do not have any reference, but you may be contacted to get further information.

The system will automatically show this Blog’s name as the author of the submitted story. If you wish to have your submitted story show up under your name, then please notify at the time of posting.

Please do not use anonymous names and/or email address when you submit any stories.

All anonymous submission automatically goes to the SPAM folder and we have no control over it, so please use the real name and email address (we won’t publish your personal information unless specifically asked).


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