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Bridgestone – The ‘Scream’ Ad | One from SuperBowl 2008

January 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Besides the actual (american) football’s final game for champions status, the annual SuperBowl telecast is well known for all the advertisements/commercials that get broadcast during the breaks. Upto the point that there is side competition of ‘Best Commercial’ or the ‘Top 10’ etc. Coming from India and the state of TV, especially the breaks, this is turning the whole thing on it’s head by people actually waiting for the commercial breaks! Double whammie: Viewership is made up of folks who want to watch the game and also of folks who have no interest in the game but watch it for the commercials.

Here’s one of my favorites from SuperBowl 2008.

The Bridgestone ‘Scream’ commercial.

Go watch:


~ Rakesh

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Center Shock | Chew on this and shock yourself awake

January 14, 2009 Leave a comment

There are many days that we either start off with or roll into that become so dull, so dreary. Either lack of something or abundance of something makes these days happen. It takes a lot to overcome this dull dreary patch, climb the hill, and reach the nadir where it’s all nice and sunny, with pretty little birds singing and the flowers blooming.

OK, OK that is taking it a bit too far and a tad more melodramatic. But you get my point.

India, again, being India was quick to import this ‘phoren’ chewing gum, which literally ‘Hilaa ke rakh de’ – Shakes you all up -= a la Elvis Presley and his pelvic thrusts.

Would you dare to give this chewing gum a try?

Warning: The background tune to this advertisement from Indian TV is catchy in a very subtle way. Watch this video a couple of time, listening to the tune and in a subliminal way the tune will creep into the ‘center’ of your brain and you will find yourself trying to stop humming or thinking about it through the day. No more dull & dreary patches, huh?

Sindoor | Really Permanent

October 18, 2007 Leave a comment

This video clip is based on a very nice but intense film called Rudali. The clip, on the serious side, highlights a cultural nuance of the importance of marraige and the connection, the bond between man and wife, wife and man.

A humorous twisted pun on the permanence of (atleast in the ideal world!) Marraige, taken by Camlin, the makers of Permanent markers.

Better go buy some Sharpie stocks now, the sales are gonna skyrocket!

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