Women | Top 10 Women Drivers

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Another addition to the ‘It’s a Woman’ category within ~TimePass~

The clip makes me wonder. Didn’t the woman brain do anthing between the time the car was ‘normal’ on the road and the insane culmination as shown? Like Mark Gungor in his video posted earlier [@ http://bit.ly/3t8B4w] suggested the ‘jumbled wires’ just didn’t have anough time to assimilate, analyse and to implement any sort of avoidance maneuvers.

ma·neu·ver – A movement or procedure involving skill and dexterity. Skill and Dexterity being the operative words!

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Male & Female Brains | The Differences by Mark Gungor

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A link to this Video was forwarded to me by a friend.

This is in fact part of a 4 DVD set on a Seminar on ‘Better Marraige’ by Mark Gungor. Quite humorously, Mark highlights the very true and real differences between how the Male brain and the Female brain function under the same circumstance.


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India! Incredibly! India!

November 16, 2009 1 comment

The following ‘real’ images caught on camera, about day-to-day glimpses of India. Glimpses which, to the average Indian, are common and not as amazing or surprising. This is ‘Life’!

Source: Images were part of a fwd: email received.

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Air India | Why I would never fly again

November 6, 2009 2 comments

Recently a family member had to use an Air India flight from the US to India. Their experience was not the best and resulted in Air India being blamed for each every little thing that went wrong. Talking about this led me back to my personal Air India experience, which I had posted on a travel forum soon after I completed my ‘memorable’ travel with Air India. My tale with a big pinch of humor and a tablespoon of sarcasm!

Airline: Air India
Travel Date:  2005
From: Delhi
via: Bombay, London
To: Chicago

This sort of experience is more a regularity than a rarity with Air India. Only because of the Government backing this airline exists. Take the government backing out and the Maharaja would land with a mighty thud, never to rise again!

Flight was a Delhi-Bombay (change of aircraft)-London-Chicago-(SFO by United – experience in question pertains to airindia).

Due to the fog effect in Delhi, my flight was PREPONED from 130am to previous evening 6pm. Well, its good, Air India is being proactive, you would say, right? NADA NADA! Air India had absolutely no such effect, preponing the flight.

Well, let me say that the check-in person (no way i can call him a man!!) just about finished my check-in process by the time check-in desks for the flight were closed. From the time that the desks opened to time they closed, this gentleman checked in a whopping, hold your breath, (drum rolllllll please….) 2 passengers!!

How can they work so hard, these guys?? Who needs hi-tech computers when you have such super robotically efficient people!

Anyway, onwards we go:
Check-in desks closed right? So that implies just 1/2 hr left for the flight, right? Need to have a bit of rush thing, right?? NADA NADA!! You guessed right. The security check line is as long as the various expletives – a few choice and amusing words, I assure you – that could be heard. Best thing is the total control all the police guys, Air India staff had. Totally calm, collected and absolutely unfazed. Not a hair out of place. Whilst the silly hapless passengers are pulling their hair out worrying about connections, baggage, seats, khaana, movies on the flight, cleanliness of the toilets. But them, Oh no!, not a hair out of place!!

Finally got into the flight at 7pm – for a flight that was to take off at 6pm! Phew. NO NO NO not so soon please! Get back to the edge of your seats please!! We finally took off, after a suspenseful hour and fifteen. Surely you dont need me to detail the onboard experience!! You folks seem sensible enough not to beg for torture!!

Welcome to Mumbai! And thats a gigantic exageration!:
Now whilst checking me in, my super efficient person, (remember the one in Delhi?) did me the honor of NOT checking my luggage thru. For what reason, doubt even HIM upstairs would know. Quite a few passengers caught in the same bemusing dilemma.
No matter, take a deep breath, calm yourself, just wait for the baggage, which should come out of that small square hole with flaps and then onto the conveyors. Should have been that easy. But man proposes, Air India disposes! Only a few cases came through.

Push was coming to shove in the mental calmness department. Shove won hands down. ENOUGH is enuff! 3-4 of us pax, went thru that very hole and to the place (for want of a better word) where they (for want of a better word) load the baggage onto the conveyor belts. Four baggage carts nicely parked (now nearly 3 hrs!) but not a soul to offload them….

Its between shifts..It will take about 30mins more!! OH puhleeeeaze! Rolled up sleeves, hitched up the belt, unlatched the trolleys, found my cases, offloaded them, carried it to the conveyor belt, put it on the conveyor belt, jumped on the conveyor belt and travelled into the next millenium through that very hole in the wall with flaps!!

I and others actually had to get our own cases from the trolleys!  And not a word of apology or explanation from unruffled, unfazed, not-a-hair-out-of-place Air India staff….’What to do, these things happen’ seems to be the ‘all-solving mantra’!

One consolation from this sordid and sad experience was a stay at a local 5-star hotel, since my connection was not before 6am the next morning, alongwith all the other such pax, with a free dinner thrown in.

Then the journey goes on. But thats for another day.

For now, only time you should buy Air India tickets is when you really want someone suffer and have them travel Air India. Me, I could not wish Air india even to my enemies!

Why I would never fly Air India again!

Sorry Maharaja!


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Think&Exist | Destiny | The Alchemist or Om Shanti Om

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Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist:

“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation.
All things are one.
And, when you want something, all the universe conspires to helping you to achieve it’.”

Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om:

“Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to saari kaaynaat usey tum se milaane mein lag jaati hai”

” अगर किसी चीज़ को दिल से चाहो तो सारी कायनात उसे तुम से मिलाने में लग जाती है’ “

Woman Ruled !

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FWD:ed by: vanPark

I received a bunch of images, as a FWD:, showing how the world would look if the world would come to be ruled by women! Quite hilarious, that, no? Women ruling the world??


Quick shoot through the usual suspects of digital weapons and a quick sharp video clip is the result.

Which particular image is your favorite?

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Indian Railways Food Service | From out of the box!

January 22, 2009 7 comments

I wrote about the very ‘Indian’ way of communication via email by Indian Railways. Bharat B had FWDed a powerpoint slide presentation of wierd and wonderful pictures and one of them caught my attention, especially since the Indian Railways context is still pretty fresh.

Those who have traveled on Indian Railways trains will know that  the compartments – the ‘bogies’ – are supposed to be connected. This is supposed to allow passengers free movement through the whole train, thus making use of the ‘Pantry Car’ for a quick snack or a meal. The only time the compartments are intentionally disconnected is when  the two adjoining compartments are of a different ‘class’ [ eg: First Class / Coach Class].

However, it is quite often that this passageway is not safe (when has it ever been safe, you may ask!) or due to ‘technical difficulties’ the passageway is not usable. Even at times such as this, Mr Hungry in a First Class compartment, probably towards either end of the train, wants to have his ‘Chai’ which is available only from the ‘Pantry Car’, usually located around the middle of the train. (This is to allow for ease and speed of food transfer from the kitchens at the stations – which are usually around the middle of platform!)

So the innovative, never-say-die, need-to-get-the-money-for-this-food, waiters have to ‘step up’ & ‘step out’ – practically ‘Step out of the Box’ – and move between the closed off compartments by using the doors. One goes across; Both hang on for dear life, expertly balancing the tray and passing it on, while the train is moving.

Amazing to folks who have not seen this before, but an ‘everyday’ occurrence for people who have traveled Indian Railways.

India! Simply India!

Indian Railways | Food Service