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Kay-veereetay Jaiyse | Gujju Rap | Gujarati Rap Must watch

No this is not the notorious Patel Motel Rap. It is rap, but a very well made one at that.

The rap is a sort of a ballad of a journey of a young ambitious man – a son, a brother, wanting to economically immigrate to ‘Umereekaa’ ~ Maarey Umereekaa javvu che ~ A call that many a youth, many a families are making. Once he is here, he goes through all the work, effort, trials & tribulations of adjusting to the western culture, achieving his goals and ambitions of ~ ‘Maare millionaire thavu che’~. But all along he knew deep inside he was also losing a lot of himself. Nothing comes for free.

Not to say that lofty ambitions, high goals are wrong. Not to say that the ability to buy a Hummer and wear the best suits is wrong. But should these things be achieved only at the cost of losing, breaking, ignoring the relationships, the bonds that tie us, that keep us on firm ground, then they are all wrong. Duty is a very important word and ‘virtue’ – culturally within the Indian Diaspora. Fore go the odd dollar for the sake of doing your duty. This is a fight that all Indian youth born and raised or brought up in a ~ ‘vilaayat’ ~ a foreign(?) land – in the west have with themselves. Sadly some lose this battle. But most shine through.

Listen for the gujarati words..

maru dil..my heart
maru loy..my blood
maru nath..my family …2 worlds apart
kay-veereetay jaiyse


~ Rakesh

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