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Indian Railways | ‘Inadequate’ cards not accepted!

What happens when you make a reservation with Indian Railways, pay with a credit card, and the card is found to have insufficient funds?

Read on..

This message was sent out to a customer whose card payment could not be processed. From the ‘western’ point of view the Indian written English can be found to be entertaining at most times. Here the word ‘inadequate’ takes the whole message to another level. In the western world, the word ‘inadequate’ can apply to the lacking or shortfall in certain errrr capacities of a person. Do you see the humor?

Dear Customer,

We regret that the booking of your ticket could not be processed at this time as the transaction with ref. No. xxxxxxxxxx was not authorised by your bankers. The failure may also be due to some sort of inadequacies in your card / bank account.

Or possibly the account holder? đŸ™‚


not adequate or sufficient; inept or unsuitable

lacking the capacity for psychological maturity or adequate social adjustment

one who is inadequate especially in terms of social adjustment

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