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Awara Paagal | Joostjoo | Arnav Chakravarty

This particular track comes from a little known singer from India, Arnav Chakravarty. Although not as popular as many other singers and groups on the Indian ‘Pop’ Albums scene, I believe, in my humble opinion that his voice and his compositions show a lot of promise and hope that commercial success and growth in popularity enable him to produce a few more albums.

The particular album I got my hands on is Joostjoo, made with a popular ‘intense’ voiced, Kunal Ganjawala. (Kunal Ganjawala has sung some of my favourite songs over the recent years, but appears to have got stuck in a stereotype and stagnated a tad). Most, if not all the tracks of Joostjoo are very nice to listen to. But the one that gets played again and again is ‘Awaara Paagal’.

Awaara Paagal is not a song that stands out and grabs your attention. This song with its melody, the lilting tone, the soft voice of Arnav, and the simple lyrics, grows on your after a few listens. If not the words, the tune gets stuck in your head and I am sure many who will listen to this song, will be humming it, miming it, singing it, quite absent-mindedly!

Singer: Arnav, Kunal Ganjawala
Album: Joostjoo

aawaara paagal hawa ka jhonka
yeh shaayaraana deewaana dil hai
tumhaari yaadon mein uljha baitha
hamaara dil toh deewaana dil hai
aawaara paagal hawa ka jhonka
yeh shaayaraana deewaana dil hai

jhatak ke julfein giraayi bijali
nazar churaake kyun ja rahe ho
kareeb aao toh hum bhi ji le
tadap raha jo deewaana dil hai

jhukaayi palkein toh raat aayi
uthaake palkein subah bulaayi
tere ishaaron ka aisa jaadu
dhadak raha jo deewaana dil hai

tu saamane aa didaar karloon
bharosa saanson ka kuchh nahi
ghazal hamaari labon se chhu lo
machal raha jo deewaana dil hai


If any readers would like the file to download, please add a request in the comment, and insert the email you would like the file/link to be sent to. TimePass will try and find the audio file and post the link, once found.

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