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Organizing Digital Photos

Lifehacker carries a very informative and detailed look at the various ways folks use to organise their photographs for storage and for viewing.The article is linked to Organize photos with your OS in 5 easy steps- DLS Imaging Tip by Download Squad

Digital photography makes for a lot of photographs and to add to that the pictures that emanate from the the ever feature-ful camera phones (I have a Sony Ericsson w810i), really shoots up the picture count. At last count Picasa showed for year 2006, a whopping total of 3996. Whoa!! This is briefly the way I have organised my pictures.

I recently bought the SimpleTech 160GB NAS hard drive and forthwith organised and stored my 2006 pictures there, accessible via password security from any computer on my network. With a printer USBed to the NAS, printing is a cinch.

Picasa from Google

I have Picasa installed on my computer. The Picasa install points to the ‘Photo’ folders on the NAS drive for a ‘scan once’. If you have more than one computer, as in a home network, you will need to install Picasa on all computers and have each install point to the folders mentioned.

The storage folders are organised by Year. And then sub-folders based on the date of the series of pictures.
Subfolders are named [YYYYMMDD][Event].
A further label can be added, if required. [Camera] clearly indicates, which camera was used or the name of the person who actually shot the picture. Eg: [20061231][New Year’s Eve Party]

So the file path would as:
NAS Drive > Photos > 2006 > [20061231][New Year’s Eve Party] or
NAS Drive > Photos > 2006 > [Canon IS2][20061231][New Year’s Eve Party] or
NAS Drive > Photos > 2006 > [JoeBlogg][20061231][New Year’s Eve Party]

My edited – Photoshopped/Gimped – pictures get into a separate folder under each year named: [20060101][Misc]. (amazing word that, ‘Misc’, huh?)

EXIF Data Editor:
I make sure the Exif data is correct. This helps in Picasa organising the pictures in the correct chronological order.

For older photos or photos from the kids’ cameras where the date may not be in sync, I used ‘Exifer‘ to edit the EXIF data.

ExiferOrganising the photos in a chronological order also helps in keeping a sort of photo-journal of events that took place in each of the family members’ lives. This also makes it very easy to create the customary ‘ooh and aaah’ – value photobooks around the end of the year. A personal family yearbook of sorts.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ll troddle along and sort, organise and store my 2005 photos.

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  1. August 30, 2007 at 5:42 pm

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve been doing the YMD Folder Name/Description thing for a while now and it’s working out quite alright but every once in a while I take a picture or two of random silly things and those get lost in those folders. Your suggestions might come to rescue for that. I do have picasa installed from the time you first recommended it to me. Why doesn’t a day have 25 hours instead of 24?

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