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Saath do | Walk with me

Yesterday morning, I got to see some pictures of a recently married couple, living in Houston, Texas, that I know through family friends. Full of life, confidence and so sure of themselves. Looking at the pictures, I was reminded of a ‘shayari’ or ‘poem’ that I had come across and saved, which is relevant to marraige, partnership, support, saath!

I wish I had the artistic talent of some people who can, at the snap of a finger, conjure up relevant poems, shaayari from their memory and recite it with flair and elan! Alas, not so! I need to rely on my computer’s hard drive!

Badaa katheen hai raasta,
Jo aa sako tho saath do;
Yeh zindagi ka faasla,
Miita sako tho saath do;

Baday faraib khaaogay,
Baday sitam uthaaogay,
Yeh oomar bhar ka saath hai,
Nibhaa sako tho saath do;

Walk with me

Jo tum kaho tho yeh dil tho kyaa,
Main jaan bhi fida karoon,
Jo main kahoon bus ek nazar,
Loota sako tho saath do;

Hazaar imtihaan,
Hazaar aazmaishain,
Hazar dukh, hazar ghum,
Ootha sako tho saath do;

Yeh zindagi yahan,
Khushi ghamon ka sath hai,
Roola sako tho saath do,
Hansa sako tho saath do;

Feet in sand

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  1. Ravi
    August 4, 2007 at 12:45 am

    Thanks and wellwishes Rakesh! It is a wonderful poem for couples!

  2. Rakesh
    August 4, 2007 at 2:47 am

    @ Ravi;

    Most welcome. I instinctively thought about that poem when I saw the pictures. The words are indeed very apt.

    I am glad you enjoyed the poem.

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